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Gold Cup: Africa’s greatest race for stayers and 4 G1s

computaform fields for the big race will be posted when available

ComputaForm is South African Horseracing’s Premier form guide and one of the best of its kind in the world. ComputaForm users are predominantly horseracing’s high rollers.

ComputaForm contains full details of the last seven performances of each runner with exclusive information like in-running positions at the 800m and 400m marks and 400m-to-finish times. 

ComputaForm also contains a wealth of other info including runners’ full career records and their lifetime performances at the current racecourse and over the current distance, as well as jockey-horse records.

Each race is previewed by ComputaForm’s team of top tipsters and there are speed ratings and computer ratings for all runners. Plus there’s other important info like the top runners in the distance category of the race.

A ComputaForm is published for each race meeting in South Africa and costs R45 (Flamingo Park is always combined with another meeting and buyers get two books for the price of one).

ComputaForm is sold at selected retail outlets and TABs. A full online version of ComputaForm, with or without FotoForm, can be purchased on this site at a fraction of the retail cost.




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