Province/Venue Commentary Card Changes / Results Betting / Round-Up
Kwazulu-Natal (011) 210-1101 (011) 210-1102 (011) 210-1103
W.Cape,E.Cape,Kimberly (011) 210-1104 (011) 210-1105 (011) 210-1106
Gauteng,Free State,Zim (011) 210-1107 (011) 210-1108 (011) 210-1109
International (011) 210-1110 / (011) 210-1111 (011) 210-1110 / (011) 210-1111 (011) 210-1110 / (011) 210-1111
Soccer 6 Line (011) 210-1100

Province/Venue Commentary Card Changes / Results Betting / Round-Up
Kwazulu-Natal (012) 423-1101 (012) 423-1102 (012) 423-1103
W.Cape,E.Cape,Kimberly (012) 423-1104 (012) 423-1105 (012) 423-1106
Gauteng,Free State,Zim (012) 423-1107 (012) 423-1108 (012) 423-1109
International (012) 423-1110 / (012) 423-1111 (012) 423-1110 / (012) 423-1111 (012) 423-1110 / (012) 423-1111
Soccer 6 Line (012) 423-1100

Province/Venue Commentary Card Changes / Results Betting / Round-Up
Kwazulu-Natal (051) 410-1101 (051) 410-1102 (051) 410-1103
W.Cape,E.Cape,Kimberly (051) 410-1104 (051) 410-1105 (051) 410-1106
Gauteng,Free State,Zim (051) 410-1107 (051) 410-1108 (051) 410-1109
International (051) 410-1110 / (051) 410-1111
Soccer 6 Line (051) 410-1100

Port Elizabeth
Province/Venue Commentary Card Changes / Results Betting / Round-Up
Kwazulu-Natal (041) 390-1101 (041) 390-1102 (041) 390-1103
W.Cape,E.Cape,Kimberly (041) 390-1104 (041) 390-1105 (041) 390-1106
Gauteng,Free State,Zim (041) 390-1107 (041) 390-1108 (041) 390-1109
International (041) 390-1110 / (041) 390-1111
Soccer 6 Line (041) 390-1100

East London
Province/Venue Commentary Card Changes / Results Betting / Round-Up
Kwazulu-Natal (043) 703-1101 (043) 703-1102 (043) 703-1103
W.Cape,E.Cape,Kimberly (043) 703-1104 (043) 703-1105 (043) 703-1106
Gauteng,Free State,Zim (043) 703-1107 (043) 703-1108 (043) 703-1109
International (043) 703-1110 / (043) 703-1111
Soccer 6 Line (043) 703-1100

About Info Lines


Prior to racing this service is used for form updates should there be any. On the race day +/- 15 min before the 1st race, betting for the 1st race as well as a claim summary for the days meeting will be recorded. Commentaries will be recorded and left to play for +/- 15 min. Approx. 15 min. before the next race, this line will be updated with betting for the forthcoming race. Once we are into the exotics, the minimum payouts will be disseminated after each leg. Going into the last leg of the exotic; payouts with each horse will be disseminated. For the PA a minimum Div. will be announced. Should we receive any late changes for a race this will be recorded together with the 15 min. update (this can be any information pertaining to horse racing). As soon as the race goes "All Clear" after a commentary, we will add on the official result - 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th for the race. This info. will be left there until the next comm. Should the Betting/ Round-Up line be required to be used for recording for the next day, the round -up will be available on this service. 

Card Changes / Results

This line is used for card changes prior to a race meeting. Changes are ussualy available the day before the race meeting. Should the service line be used for another race meeting the day before, changes for the next meeting will be updated at the end of the race meeting, for the next day. Changes are available on this line right up to the running of the 1st race. After race 1 runs, this service will only be used for current results & div. and will replace card changes. The results for each race will be replaced as soon as the next current result and div. are available. At the end of a race meeting the results for the last race will be recorded together with all exotic qualifying numbers and dividends. Card changes include scratching, Jockey Changes, Weight Changes, Equipment Changes and merit rating updates. If there is any other important info that needs disseminating, it will be covered on this line. The wording "Provisional results & dividends" will be used when recording the results & dividends. As soon as the race is gone official, this wording will be replaced by the wording "Official results & dividends". In the event that there is a race review or objection, only the Provisional result will be recorded advising customers that there is either a race review or objection in progress. Should we have details of the objection this is detailed on the service.

Betting/Round Up

As soon as betting becomes available for a venue this information is recorded for the relevant race meeting / service line. Should betting be available for a future meeting and the line is in use for another meeting the day before, betting will be recorded after that meeting is over. The round -up will be available on the commentary service. The betting is kept up to date with all claims and adjustments as soon as they are available. Betting will be available right up until the close of the P6. Thereafter this service will have previous race results only. At the end of the day all results for the meeting will have been recorded on this line and will be used as the round up service. PA, JPT & P6 qualifying numbers and div. are also available after the last leg of the exotic bet in question. Exotic bet Net Pools are recorded together with the roundup at the close of the specified exotic bet (E.g. should the PA close in the 2nd race, the results 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th will be recorded and the net pool will be added on at the end of the round up for race 2).


This is an abbrevaited service to customers. On the morning of a race day we will record the race venue and track report, As soon as betting is available, this is recorded together with any scratchings. The 1st UK race meeting will be on service 362 1110, with the 2nd being on 362 1111, this is according to start times. When racing starts, the commentary Is recorded and will play until the dividends become available. Commentary is then replaced with the res. & div. and betting for the next race. The full commentary is recorded for all races up to 1600 m, races that are further than 1600 m, only the final +/- 1600m will be recorded. At the end of the race day, there will be a result summary of the respective meetings on the relevant service line.

Soccer 6 Line

Soccer 6 fixtures, results and dividends


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